The Pumpkin King

Olivia has shown some interest in “The Nightmare before Christmas” and I couldn’t be any prouder. 

I for one, love this classic. As a child, I was never scared but instead fascinated with Tim Burton’s imagination. Originally a poem, he turned it into an amazing film, Jack Skelligton, the Pumpkin King. 

Olivia meeting Jack at Disneyland

This has definitely inspired me to pick up on drawing darker things. I’ve always had an interest on dark weird things. I love skulls, bones, creepy things and creatures. Always have. I started drawing skulls in high school and continued with day of the dead paintings. What I love about “TNBC”is the romance of Jack and Sally. Two different creatures who unite. 

I also love the creativity into making these two characters. 

Taken from Google

Halloween is coming, and this only inspires me even more to work on some darker work. 

Tim Burton is seriously a genius! 

I follow Christine McConnell on Instagram and she recently did a photo shoot with all her favorites characters from Tim Burton’s movies. 

Check out her page. She’s amazing! 

I honestly cannot pick which Tim Burton movie is my favorite, but here are my top 3. 

1) BeetleJuice 

2) Edward Scissorhands 

3) Sweeney Todd 

Which Tim Burton is your favorite? 

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