Spend some time alone, everyday.

Good morning,

Yesterday when Dayv came home from work, I left to my studio in Crockett, to get away. Olivia has been going through this mommy stage, where she only wants me, cries if I don’t hold her, and is just becoming too clingy. Dayv and I talked about ways to help her stop being so clingy; its mostly me, who doesn’t want to leave her. I’ve been with her for 17 months, and leaving her now, is so hard.

I have a showcase on October 26,  and I have a lot of work to do before then, so its time I do leave to work. Plus I need to put in more effort into my career.

So I’ve decided everyday, after Dayv gets home from work, I will leave from 5-9pm, 4 hours isn’t a lot, but its a start. Dayv has always insisted I leave to the studio. So he gets the credit! Hahaha…

Yesterday, I didn’t paint, but I just cleaned mostly. Cleaning was so peaceful. Weird huh? Just being alone, and having silence felt nice. I managed to set up my lighting, easel and camera. I’m starting to vlog, and film time-lapse videos. I’m a shy person so vlogging has been difficult. Get ready for some awkwardness.


Last week, I took some amazing pictures at the San Diego Zoo. Here’s a few.


I’m selling tickets to my showcase.

I am also doing a raffle to win a free Original Amy Wine house painting.

Here’s how to enter.

Anyone who buys a ticket to my showcase, gets a free postcard of their choice, along with a  personal message from me, and entered into my October raffle giveaway.


If you follow me on instagram, dm that u purchased your ticket or email me at monicaduongart@yahoo.com

Deadline to purchase a ticket is October 19, 2016.

I will pick the winner on October 26, 2016.


Heres the link to purchase a ticket.



Good luck!

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